The Daily Grind: Do you reroll old familiar classes on MMO progression servers?


When Aion Classic opened its doors last month, I saw an intriguing thread on the game’s subreddit about what class they were going to roll, framed in the context of whether they were going to roll something new or pick something they’d never tried before. Maybe it shouldn’t have been a shock, given that these types of games select for a certain type of gamer, but a good 62% of respondents said they were rolling up their old class instead of trying something new.

Obviously, this could apply to any classic MMO or progression server, like LOTRO, or even for emulators; I’ve found myself gravitating right back to the same old Star Wars Galaxies character types on the emulators, for example. I wasn’t trying to recreate my exact experience, but I did want to take advantage of my expertise. Plus, I just really like pistols and cheffing. Why wouldn’t I play what I already knew I liked?

Do you reroll old familiar classes on MMO progression servers and their ilk?

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I usually go with something I had never played before. This is just on a classic server. On a new game, with a new character, it is usually the same two or maybe three archetypes/classes.


I don’t play on “progression servers.” So I guess, no I do not reroll old classes on progression servers. (Or new classes.)


I don’t really play on progression servers, for the same reason I really dislike D3’s seasons.

I mean, sure, sometimes I enjoy starting anew. But it needs to be on my own terms, with a timing I control; starting anew on someone else’s terms, and with a time limit imposed on me, isn’t the kind of experience I could ever enjoy, so I don’t play it.

(Incidentally, if D3’s seasons were reframed as challenges I could turn on at will for new characters, with all time limits removed — meaning I could right now create a character for any of the previous seasons and earn their rewards without time limits — I would really enjoy the feature. Making it time-limited, though, makes me hate it instead, a hate with enough intensity it made me leave D3 altogether.)

Danny Smith

Nah its either not the same or exactly the same and kind of pointless to do the exact same thing twice. I tend to try things i missed out on the first time around.


I just reroll familiar classes all the time, I think I have 6 or 7 Reapers in GW2 lol.


Usually – yeah. There is often a specific reason why i revert back to classic versions of games, and a big factor is the changes made to that class that made it less appealing to play.

Case in point: WoW’s paladins.

I absolutely adored the playstyle of paladins in early WoW days, and completely hated and rejected the Holy Power mechanic of post-cataclysm. So once classic WoW dropped, you bet your ass the first thing i did was to roll a paladin and experience the playstyle that i enjoyed yet again.


All. The. Time.

I’m currently levelling a captain, lore master and hunter on Treebeard in lotro, and having a blast. All classes I’ve played multiple times before.

And my SWG restoration server character is pretty much the same one I had in retail; a smuggler/pistoleer type.