Betawatch: New World finally launches


Did it happen? Is it real? Can you believe it? New World has finally launched, after so many beta delays that at one point it looked like an impossibility. That means all of the news about it this week is really superfluous to this column, but hey, you’ve probably seen it. Congratulations, Amazon, now just don’t try to pull the game back into beta in a week or so. We see you.

Other beta news continues to accumulate just the same:

And now for the surprise of the week – we have a list of games in testing just below! What’s that? We do that every week? You’re taking all the fun out of this. You can still let us know if something got missed on the list down in the comments below, though. Heck, we downright appreciate it.

As always, we consider an MMO to be in open testing if it features free, public signups and will server wipe prior to launch. An MMO is marked in closed testing if it’s running a private test phase that cannot freely be accessed by the general public; it’s usually under NDA as well. Early access and crowdfunded MMOs whose tests we deem legitimate will be included. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of launch in the west, or limited interest for our readers will not be listed; we also do not list expansions, with occasional exceptions.

AdventureQuest 3D: Open beta
Arcfall: Pre-alpha
Ashes of Creation: Alpha one
Blankos Block Party: Early access
Book of Travels: Closed beta
Camelot Unchained: Closed beta one
Children of Ur: Open alpha, further development merged with Eleven
Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-alpha, again
Cinderstone Online: Closed Beta
City of Titans: Alpha
Corepunk: Closed alpha
Craftopia: Early access
The Cycle: Closed beta
Dauntless: Open beta
Dark and Light: Early access
Dreamworld: Pre-alpha?
Dual Universe: Paid beta
ECO: Early access
Eleven: Closed alpha
Elyon: Closed beta, launch on October 20th
Embers Adrift: Closed alpha
Enlisted: Beta
Fractured: Alpha
Frozen Flame: Closed beta
Gloria Victis: Beta (early access) on Steam
Inferna: Early access
Kurtzpel: Closed beta
Line of Defense: Early access, removed from Steam
Mortal Online 2: Closed alpha
Occupy White Walls: Early access
Osiris: New Dawn: Open beta
Outlaws of the Old West: Early access
Pantheon: Backer pre-alpha
Project Genom: Closed alpha, servers offline for restructuring with SpatialOS
Project Gorgon: Early access beta
Prosperous Universe: Early access
Ravendawn: Alpha
Rise Online: Open alpha
SamuTale: Closed alpha
Ship of Heroes: Beta testing
Skydome: Closed beta
Star Citizen: Backer alpha
Starbase: Early access open alpha
Temtem: Early access
The Black Death: Early access alpha
The Cycle: Closed alpha
The Repopulation: Early access alpha
TitanReach: Development reactivated
Valiance Online: Closed beta
Wild Terra 2: Early access
Zenith: Pre-alpha

Yes, MMO gamers, you too can perform the unpaid quality-control work otherwise known as game testing! Check out Massively Overpowered’s Betawatch every week for a run-down of MMOs that are still on the road to launch, even if they appear to have set up a permanent residence in a shed called early access.

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Maybe next Star Citizen?
comment image


That’s a new concept ship, right?


Yes and it’s only $5K


A few delays, yes but really one of the fastest MMO development times I think I have ever seen

Lord Mironia
Kickstarter Donor
Lord Mironia

I am hoping this launch for New World, especially with it being released by a AAA game studio, shows that there is still plenty of interest in the MMORPG community. I personally have not played it yet after a few beta runs, but it’s nice to see coworkers, friends, family & acquaintances on the internet all lighting up my friends list on Steam with a new MMORPG.

I hope this release ignites a new spark for new/existing game companies & investors to try their hands once again on their own MMOs.

I hope MMOs are a “thing” again.

Am I being too hopeful?



Am I being too hopeful?

I hope not ! :)))


They stated in their latest announcement that they hadn’t expected so many people.

I know most people will say that in this day and age, the online gaming industry has the experience and the knowledge to accurately predict a turnout, but -call it a hunch-, I believe them. I’m not a professional or in any other way competent on such matters, but personally, I never saw it coming.