Everything people are grumpy about in New World, one month in


A timely email from a reader this morning reminded me to poke my head into the New World subreddit to see what’s on fire now that we’re exactly one full month into the game, so consider me Donald Glover with a pizza box.

Our reader had tipped us off to some brewing threads about the lack of customization in the game – specifically the fact that female characters are stuck with relatively masculine bodies and clothing. “It feels like they created the game, went to launch it in alpha and went ‘oops we forgot to make female characters’ so they took the male models and gave them 3 long hairstyles and called it a day,” one poster lamented, pointing out that players complained about this in alpha too. We’ve already covered our frustrations with the game’s shallow customization, but the issue with female characters is particularly annoying.

We’ve also already covered the situation with the game’s deflated economy, but apparently, on some servers it’s so bad that the community has turned to gambling to make a buck. “My server has become a casino, and it’s honestly hilarious to watch,” declares one heavily upvoted thread from a player on Windsward, who says bets in the realm of 40,000 silver are not unheard of.

“[Y]ou’ll find sometimes near 100 players all gambling with one another, and the stakes are getting ridiculous. The game is simple. You approach a player in the designated casino area, and state your wager. If the wager is accepted by the other player, you both use the Dice emote and the loser trades the winnings to the winner. Obviously, nothing is stopping a player from cheating and just not giving the winnings over, but people quickly learned that they can do that only once before the entire server shuns them. I have a list of cheaters on an Excel spreadsheet.”

The designated casino area. Good grief. Do remember that this type of gambling is usually expressly outlawed in most major MMOs, for obvious reasons, so it’ll be interesting to see what Amazon does.

Many of the other complaints on Reddit that are leaping out at us this week are similar to ones that have been an issue with the game since launch: exploits, bugs and broken perks, griefers emptying guild coffers and jumping servers with a transfer, watermark farming, merge requests, studio communication, and travel currency gripes (I particularly sympathize with that one as I can’t stand the Azoth system). And the forums look pretty similar, just with more “dead game” insistence and a seemingly endless array of commenters demanding either a PvP server or for more players to flag for PvP, suggesting a bit of a disconnect of playerbases.

Veteran MMO players will note that this list looks bad, but it’s pretty much the reality of most major MMORPG launches, and those of you who remember the ones where you couldn’t log in for months will consider all of this to be relatively minor. That would include some of the 400,000 concurrent players who’ve logged in within the last day, a little less than half off the game’s all-time peak, not shabby at all. The game’s still rocking a “mostly positive” review score on Steam as well.

As the saying goes, happy players are playing, not posting.

New World has been patching up on Wednesdays, but you’ll notice that patch notes aren’t here, nor has the game gone down for maintenance. In response to player concerns on the official forums, Amazon did pipe up, suggesting that the patch has been postponed to some degree.

“We understand the desire for information regarding our plan for our next patch. The team’s working hard to address critical issues that have popped up over the past week as well as some other changes to help optimize your game experience. Once we have those fixes locked in we will be writing and distributing the our patch notes along with our expected downtimes. Remember to check the Official News section of the forum for the most up to date information. Thank you for your patience and understanding!”

Source: Official forums, Reddit. Cheers, Cheallaigh!

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tracy Erin

Absolutely disgraceful the sexism shown by the devs in this game, I call it that because it is that!! Every single cash shop armour is for male characters, wide shoulders, thick arms and legs, same as the majority of in game armours. In this day and age there is absolutely no excuse for this type of gender inequality!! Im fuming!!


The game is fun but is excessively greedy and grindy. I am not going to play all week every week just to pay for 1 ugly house. They somehow intentionally made one of the game’s better casual features inaccessible to casual players.

Rob Hagaman

Two things for me that are frustrating:

One: they handled the servers horrendously. First, they created too many servers due to the infamous queue times, instead of just enough to ease the times, which were caused by everyone wanting to be on Eden and f’ing Valhalla. Then, they allowed server transfers to the very servers that were overpopulated, making lag horrendous. This is especially bad with their client-side model, which taxes your PC with tasks that their server side should handle(probably a money decision from people that have no clue how an MMO works). On the Eden server, one group brought in 200 PLAYERS on a server already overtaxed.

Which brings me to the second part: The client-side model itself. I’ve noticed that, where I can play any other MMO with no issues, for three days over past weekend I DC’ed for just logging into a village, or not even making it that far. Then there’s the hatchet bug, where you will not be able to cause damage with the axe for no apparent reason, and have to switch weapons back and forth to get it back. Other MMOs also don’t cause my PC to overheat like a PT Cruiser with 200k miles, either. Once again, too much work being put on the client side. with too many handshakes being required. Josh Strife Hayes had a great video on this flawed model, and how all the exploits and bugs we are seeing can be traced to making an mmo client-side instead of server-side.

Basically, to fix these issues, they would have to do a Realm-Reborn on the game, changing the client-side part and basically finishing the game. They have a good game in here. It’s just held back by stupid decisions on the hardware side, ironic for a company supposedly expert at running servers.

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Dean Greenhoe

I am still having fun but I am getting annoyed with the less than AAA UI, especially the chat UI.

I see potential…

Just have to wait and see.. hopefully they can get things rolling.

Robert Mann

Every Single MMO. Every time.

The only differences are that coin matters some, so people freaked out without need, and that some of the stuff is a little undercooked (customization is one fine example there).

The simple truth is that people think of MMO markets as this thing to constantly buy/sell on, and that’s just not how this game is designed. You need coin for various things, so people won’t all just spend it frivolously. This “Different from what I am used to!” issue is… a non-issue. It’s just different, and people have problems with that. Thus why every attempt to move the genre forward gets hit with similar complaints, leaving the stagnant mess that has been so bemoaned by so many until, yep, somebody tries changing things and many of the same people attack the changes.


I’m still loving the game so much, but I fully appreciate all the good-faith criticisms. I’m also taking the game at a very relaxed, leisurely pace, excitedly waiting for various updates and improvements. And so here are even more unsolicited opinions to shout into the cyber-void:

Bree is so right to point out that many other games have launched in a much worse state. Live service games rarely launch without some significant issues, and some take years to correct. You can argue all day about whether Amazon could or should have done better at launch, but here we are, and all that matters now is where Amazon wants to take the game and how well they navigate the barrage of player feedback. I hope they have a “good faith” filter built in to their feedback processors.

Another important point: so many of the complaints you see in reddit/blog posts include statements like “the game is fun, but…”, ‘I had a lot of fun up until…”, “this is some of the most fun I’ve had, but…”, “the game would be even more fun if…”, “I got my money’s worth so I’ll be taking a break”, etc. A lot of players are having fun but are disappointed because they want more. Reminds me of when my 10 year old nephew was asked if he enjoyed seeing his first Star Wars movie and replied, “No…it wasn’t long enough!”

It also reminds me of Destiny’s incredibly rough launch where so many players were praising the fantastic, tight gunplay while simultaneously up in arms about design flaws, broken promises, and a litany of bugs (remember the endless heavy ammo dupe? raid boss glitches? loot cave? to name a few). But as a developer at Amazon, it has to be incredibly encouraging to see the word “fun” being thrown around so much. There is a “there” there. The game has an x-factor. You can work with with a fun core game. You can find and keep an audience and build a fantastic game around fun core mechanics.

Also factor in that some issues are discovered/amplified/exacerbated by players playing non-stop until they run into big bugs, balance issues, dupes/exploits, etc. Players are amplifying the game’s flaws because they are exposing them so rapidly and with so much intensity. Rabid consumption of fun core mechanics can also lead to a burnout where players will absolutely break a game apart and expose every flaw and blemish. This gives devs incredible feedback.

Another very encouraging sentiment is that many players feel they got their money’s worth and are okay with stepping away while the devs work out the kinks. This positive sentiment cannot be overstated, and you see it all over the place. A lot of players don’t feel fleeced by the devs, just disappointed because they can see potential and are rooting for improvements.

The buy-to-play model at $40 was a smart move as many players will overlook launch woes and wait for updates, or even step away and wait for improvements without the pressure of a subscription. Amazon didn’t overpromise or overprice, they delivered an experience generally in the lane they said they would, provided a beta where you could get a taste for what the game had to offer, and were transparent about the huge changes they made to core mechanics along the way. That’s a great start, imo.

TL;DR -Its a fun game that needs work, just like many other MMOs. I’m having fun and hoping for the best! Personally, I love all the excitement and drama around an MMO launch and I love seeing how developers adapt, navigate, and update their game while trying to keep their servers from burning to the ground. I also love patch notes. Anyway, yay for games!


Spent the entire night last night fishing in game while watching TV.

I’m starting to wish there were character skill caps combined with being able to have an alt (of the same faction).

Rather than feel forced to race to 60 and then go “What did I miss” I’d like to develop a crafter that has zero focus on his character level.

Does anyone know if you get some of your gold back if you abandon a house, I’d like to upgrade a few of mine.

So once everyone has all weapon skills at 20, all crafting at 200, 3 of the 20k houses, what is there left to do except follow the current meta?

Gundabad is only a few weeks away.


Client-side authoritative. On an MMO, no, a high end software application, in the year of our Lord 2021.

I’m speechless.

That above guarantees that the game will be filled with exploits for pretty much their entire lifecycle. However long that’s going to be.


Unfortunately I just watched a youtube on this and have realised what a gamebreaker it is.

Everyone should be refunded their money.

I’d go as far as saying this website should stop advertising the game.

Jamie Phipps

The PvP bit is the killer for me right now. In my eyes the biggest strengths of the game are clearly the sandbox PvP elements. However I play with PvP almost always turned on and I’m lucky to find one other solo player to fight in 6 hours while leveling. Has really drained most my motivation to play.


I used to have mine on, but when you get 3 people that jump you or a higher-level player that just keeps coming back to gank you… It’s just easier to level at your own pace with it off.

Rob Hagaman

In every open world PvP game, you will get players that are the lowest common denominator. That’s why no one will flag for PvP. A lot of players didn’t grind to 60 in the first week. They want to level in peace, without 3 asshats jumping them. I see a lot of things(gambling, exploits, one group dominating a server) that I’ve seen in EVE; and this is with being able to flag pvp off.

Face it, you can’t have sandbox PvP if you want your MMO to be as popular as possible.

Jeremy Barnes

It would be a shorter list to just say the things that actually work.

The worst of isn’t even the clearly stunted design, broken stuff, etc..

It’s all the stuff that you just can’t be sure works. Like some items giving you “negative luck” instead of positive.