Guild Wars 2’s Jade Sea ‘powers the Canthan empire’ in End of Dragons


I know that the Kurzick faction was the most popular in Classic Guild Wars, so there’s probably more nostalgia overall for Echovald. But my guild sided with the Luxons – they got the best armor! – and I absolutely loved those turtle-driving “sea” pirates. So that makes today’s Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons reveal right on up my alley, as it centers on their homeland: The Jade Sea. And it is indeed still the frozen – and being used to power technology across the empire.

“Hundreds of years ago, the Jade Wind petrified everything it touched–even the waters off Cantha’s coastline,” ArenaNet says. “Luxon nomads adapted to a world where seafaring happens on foot, and modern innovators are still finding uses for the Jade Sea’s unusual bounty.” We’re tucking the video and a bunch of screencaps below… so get, ahem, kraken.

Source: YouTube
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