Final Fantasy XIV takes a look behind the scenes at the tasks of the localization team


It can be easy at times to forget that Final Fantasy XIV is a multilingual title with day-and-date releases for every major patch – including voice acting – for English, German, and French audiences beyond its native Japanese. So how does the game go from its initial writing in Japanese to being available for players all over the world? That’s a job for the game’s localization team, the subjects of the most recent installment of the title’s ongoing insider interviews with Odilon, Paul, and Pamela, who serve as the leads on the French, English, and German translation teams, respectively.

The trio explains how the localization process takes place, often starting with the not-yet-final scripts for voice lines to work on proper localization and translation while also working with the voice actors to ensure that the lines are correctly read and given the appropriate inflection. The post also covers how the teams work through the list of items being added with a new patch as well as UI changes, not to mention translating updates on the official site to localized forms as well. It’s a fascinating look at how communication happens behind the scenes of the game, which makes it well worth a read if you’re interested in the game’s localization.

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