Destiny 2 continues its nonstop march of bizarre cross-promotional items with branded boots – again

once again

Yo yo yo, it’s me, ya boy Titan4lyfe with another piece of noise on the latest and greatest cross-promotional merchandise opportunity from Destiny 2! What up what up what up, it’s boots, my peeps! That’s right, Bungie be teamin’ up with Palladium for the second time, for reals, bringing you these stupid fly new boots inspired by The Witch Queen! Straight-up bringing the Pampa style to your Destiny 2 experience as you make your Destiny 2 Pop-Tarts™ in your Destiny 2 toaster, can I get a what what!

Want to look hella fresh while hiking in the wilderness? Check these white boots plastered in Destiny 2 logos, son! But these are white canvas boots and they will get mad dirty in the woods, yo, so better just kick it at home with your Destiny 2 candles and maybe some t-shirts or that bathrobe! I be hoping they score a promo with some pants soon so I can leave the house because you know ya boy can’t do nothing without this specific corporate logo involved!

Also I be hoping Bungie starts up a cross-promotion with Pfizer or something because I got mad depression, yo, I need me some Destiny 2 selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or something. Fo reals.

Source: Press Release for real yo
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