World of Warcraft offers up a Dragonflight survival guide and dungeon tour

Which way is away?

First things first. There are two things that could be meant by offering players a World of Warcraft: Dragonflight survival guide. This is not a guide on how to be a Hunter with a polearm and a pet who melees everything while jumping around and throwing bombs. It’s a guide on how to gear up and get stuff in the open world and in dungeons. (Spoilers: With intense hope, mostly.) You can view the whole thing just below.

Of course, getting stuff will also probably involve you jumping into the various dungeons throughout the Dragon Isles, and so you’ll probably want a tour of those, too. And you get that as well, although it only covers four of the eight dungeons added with this particular expansion. The others you’ll have to wait to see on your own. The expansion lands in a little under a week, though, so it’s probably fine.

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