Final Fantasy XIV will turn house demolition back on next year

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Normally, there’s a system of house demolition in Final Fantasy XIV so players who do not visit their houses for an extended period of time lose ownership of it, ensuring that unused plots remain open for others. But a year ago Endwalker launched, and because of the login queues, the developers suspended house demolition to ensure that players did not lose their houses unfairly. Then, just as the queues were calm enough that the team felt comfortable turning demolition back on… Russia invaded Ukraine, so the timer stayed off. In fact, it’s been off all year. But that’s changing in 2023, when the demolition timer is turning back on.

The timer will reactivate as part of the update for patch 6.3, which is scheduled for early January. Players are advised to enter their houses before then, as the timer will reactivate from the moment of suspension unless you have entered since then and reset the timer, so if you haven’t went to your home in more than a year and it was already slated for demolition, you could potentially lose it. Consider this your warning before the year rolls over, then.

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