Valheim teases Ashlands biome, Hildir’s camp, and ‘fortress time’


Still riding high off the early access launch of survival sandbox Valheim on Xbox earlier this month, Iron Gate Studios is back with a dev blog teasing the upcoming Ashlands areas – and we do mean just teasing.

“While some graphical assets are already being worked on, we’re also fleshing out the gameplay loop of the Ashlands biome,” the team writes, dropping a few images that we’ll tuck down below. “You’re already used to going dungeon delving, but this time we’re testing out the concept of ‘Fortress time!’. Exactly what that will entail, well… you might be able to guess!”

“On the subject of the Hildir’s Quest update, we thought we would share some further details about Hildir herself. She has a few things in common with her brother Haldor, like for example that you will be able to find her where she has stopped with her wagon and lox. But why does her camp look so empty? Hildir’s camp is not the only new location that will be featured in that update, however. Particularly helpful vikings – or very lucky explorers – will be able to find a few other new and mysterious places scattered across the world. We’ll let you find out what secrets they hold by yourself, but we advise that you prepare yourself before venturing forth!”

The studio also notes that more quality-of-life tweaks are inbound, including manual snap toggling and stack-schlepping.

Valheim has been in early access on Steam for over two years now; it’s currently on sale as part of Steam’s spring event.

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