Diablo IV’s early access launch has been relatively smooth, but license issues are blockading some players


While the official launch day is still a few spins of the Earth away, last night’s Diablo IV’s early access is being treated like the start of the game anyway. The head start for the pricier edition holders came with a small batch of hotfixes for a few skills.

Reports from last night’s early access launch have been generally positive, with some calling it the “smoothest launch ever” with a noticeable lack of bugs and queue. “Not even a minute in the queue. Not a single hiccup or crash, no rubberbanding, no license issues, patch in a size of old CD, great framerate on XsX,” one player said.

However, some PlayStation players were reporting issues with “invalid licenses” that were keeping them from playing. “Devs are looking into this as the issue’s more widespread than anticipated,” Blizzard said. It later followed this up by saying that Sony was looking at the problem from its end as well.

And to usher in the launch, Blizzard held a swanky launch party in L.A. with costumed actors, specialty drinks, all the candles in the world, and a DJ.

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