Star Citizen shares alpha 3.20’s plans for Arena Commander’s FPS gameplay and experimental modes


Last week, Star Citizen shared a video detailing its plans for Arena Commander updates coming to alpha 3.20, with a focus on ship-to-ship combat modes. In this week’s video, fans are getting some more details to Arena Commander’s FPS combat portion from maps to modes.

The video starts with a look through updates to FPS maps, which will include several visual passes and bug fixes for existing maps, the addition of Security Post Kareah, and the return of Echo 11 in the form of a new variation.

The rest of the video then goes through several planned experimental modes. These include single weapon elimination, which will equip everyone with one type of weapon; gun rush, which gives players a better gun with every kill they score but also resets players to the lowest level of weapon upon death; and tonk royale, which lets players hop into tanks and blow up one another.

What is notably missing from these two Arena Commander-focused videos is any mention of Theaters of War, the previously planned mixed arms mode shared by CIG in 2019. Even so, there do appear to be a lot of other things planned for Arena Commander in alpha 3.20.

source: YouTube
Longtime MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen was originally Kickstarted for over $2M back in 2012 with a planned launch for 2014. As of 2022, it still lingers in an incomplete but playable alpha, having raised over $500M from gamers over years of continuing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is currently the highest-crowdfunded video game ever and has endured both indefatigable loyalty from advocates and immense skepticism from critics. A co-developed single-player title, Squadron 42, has also been repeatedly delayed.
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