Diablo IV temporarily disables player trading after gamers discover an item and gold duping exploit


It looks as if there’s another exploit that’s upending things in Diablo IV. One of the OARPG’s community managers has confirmed on Reddit that player trading has been temporarily shut down thanks to a gold and item duplication exploit that was recently discovered.

This exploit is very similar to an earlier one related to seasonal characters insofar as it utilizes disconnecting and reconnecting from the game’s servers: A player who initiates a trade needs to crash the game in this manner after dropping gold or items in the appropriate slot, then reconnects to find the gold and items both refunded to the trader and still sitting in the other player’s inventory.

Timing on when this exploit will be closed and when trading will be engaged again wasn’t given by the CM, but he does state that players will be informed the moment the fix is applied, that the team will be monitoring the economy to ensure its safety, and that those who used this exploit will face appropriate action, though those who accidentally traded with a duper won’t face any punishment.

source: Reddit (1, 2) via VG247
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