The Daily Grind: Have you ever gone a long period without playing MMORPGs?


I was thinking about this topic a few weeks ago when chatting with MOP’s Eliot about some of our formative experiences in the genre. I never really got on with EverQuest 1; I found it deeply disappointing after my time in a sandbox like Ultima Online (and later, Asheron’s Call), and if it hadn’t been for very dear friends and allies (many of whom I still have!), I seriously doubt I would’ve stuck around. As it was, I endured so much harassment and drama during EQ that by the time I did leave permanently – for Dark Age of Camelot – I took a break from leading guilds for my own mental health and came very close to leaving MMOs, maybe forever, at that point. (The fact that 9/11 happened in the middle of all that certainly didn’t help.) I needed that break for sure. If it hadn’t been for the launch of Star Wars Galaxies, well, I don’t know whether I’d still be here in MMOs.

Of course, that was 20 years ago now, and I am indeed still here. The genre tried to get me to quit a decade ago by shutting down all my favorite games, and it failed then too. Sorry, MMOs, but I ain’t leavin’. Get used to it!

Have you ever gone a long period without playing MMORPGs? What brought you back?

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