Guild Wars 2’s Janthir Wilds land spears are actually part of a new mastery line


I know you all want to hear about Guild Wars 2’s new Homestead housing system, revealed yesterday as part of the Janthir Wilds expansion announcement. ArenaNet knows that too, and it’s clearly planning to make us all wait to ramp up that anticipating, as today’s dev blog is about land spears. OK land spears are pretty cool too.

Now, we’re not just getting spears slapped on as a free weapon converted over from underwater usage; spear usage is actually being turned into yet another mastery line called Kodan Spear Training, which grants every class its own individual set of two-handed spear skills, using existing spear skins and spears (in addition to newly added ones – and new legendary ones too).

“Some professions will employ the spear as a ranged projectile weapon, some will wield it as a melee weapon, and others will utilize it as a magical focus to cast powerful spells,” Guild Wars 2 combat designer Taylor Brooks explains. Do note that if you can’t use spears underwater now – like engineers – you still won’t be able to use them underwater in the expansion, though you can use them on land. Sorry, engis.

“The ability to use terrestrial spears will be available when Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds launches. They will be locked behind the first Mastery in the Kodan Mastery line, which is discovered early in the story, or as a purchasable unlock in WvW. We want everyone to be able to use your spears early and throughout your journey in Janthir. As with all other combat features, Kodan Spear Training will be unlocked automatically in PvP for those who own Guild Wars 2: Janthir Wilds.”

Brooks reiterates that everyone will be able to check out the new spear mastery in the upcoming open beta starting on June 27th, regardless of whether you’ve bought the expansion yet or not. And in the meantime, Brooks has left a set of teasers about what to expect.

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