Ultima Online on the fall patch, 19th anniversary, and cash shop bugs


Ultima Online’s latest newsletter teases publish 94, on the way this fall in the game, which ought to turn 19 years old the same season.

Broadsword says the patch will celebrate Halloween in a big way with news quests, updates to the trick-or-treating system, and the re-implementation of the beloved Treasures of Doom event, which will take place not in the dungeon Doom but in a brand-new dungeon in Eodon called The Kotl City. A new round of veteran rewards for the anniversary is likewise planned.

The studio also says it’s still hard at work fixing bugs and crashes related to UO’s cash shop, which was recently pulled from the website to an in-game interface. “Items will be rotated in and out of the store so please keep an eye on the featured section of the Ultima Store for the latest additions,” writes Producer Bonnie “Mesanna” Armstrong.

And let me just head off the “this game should go F2P” comments before they start: Broadsword has said repeatedly, most recently in April, that it’s not happening. The Steam launch, however, is something that the team still wants — as soon as EA gives its “final approval.”

Source: Newsletter
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