PAX West 2016: WoW’s Legion Companion App and Return to Karazhan


During the World of Warcraft panel at PAX West today, Blizzard revealed that it’s rolling out a new mobile toy for the game called the Legion Companion App that basically does all the stuff you would want such an app to do — in this case, manage order halls, adjust followers, train recruits, start missions, and skim world quests. Logging into games on actual computers is so last-gen, am I right?

Meanwhile, Blizz also gave players a glimpse at the Return to Karazhan patch it teased at Gamescom, including the Trial of Valor raid, an expansion of the Suramar campaign, and Karazhan itself, a 5-man Mythic dungeon with 9 bosses and weekly lockouts.

The app should hit Google Play and iTunes come Tuesday, while the patch is planned for “soon.” Check out the preview vids below!

Source: Press release
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