Conan Exiles has formally launched early access with mixed reviews and new trailer

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Funcom’s Conan Exiles formally launched overnight, sending early access purchasers into the antique but brutal world of Conan the Barbarian. Despite some confusion over the official server list, which has been limited to 100 for now (but with hundreds more player-hosted servers), the game’s launch actually went off rather well, which is high praise for the company whose first MMORPG was once dubbed the “worst launch of all time.”

The studio has also begun discussing its immediate plans for the game, including trebuchets, better animations for captured thralls, and a dye system for gear, among other content and bug fixes. The game is expected to remain in early access for around a year.

Reviews on Steam are “Mixed” as of press time with just under 600 players having reviewed it. Massively OP’s Stream Team played the game last night for those who want to check it out with their own eyeballs before putting up any dough. That stream, plus the launch trailer, is down below!

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