The Daily Grind: What’s the most cash you’d spend on an in-game MMORPG house?


You guys know I’m a die-hard Elder Scrolls fan, so please understand I’m coming from a place of love when I say this: Elder Scrolls Online’s housing costs way too much.

Most of the houses in the game can be purchased with in-game gold, but they can be purchased for real money too, some of them only for real money. The most epic manor in the game (at launch, anyway), the Ebonheart Chateau, works out to just around $120 furnished. It’s a stunner. But $120? It’d be easier to be grumpy if they weren’t gorgeous. They are so gorgeous. But dang.

I can’t say this is a first for the game; I complained about $40+ mounts in ESO just a month ago. And the genre on the whole isn’t going to bat an eyelash at $120 when last year Daybreak rolled out $400 guildhalls in EverQuest II (and people bought them). So I know this is losing battle because other people clearly are willing to pay for stuff like this.

Are you among them? What’s the most cash you’d spend on an in-game house in an MMORPG?

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About $30 in a F2P game without optional subscription, or a B2P I’m already playing for half a year or more, and that if the house benefits are account-wide and I really like the game. If I do purchase a house at that price, I will then refrain from spending any money on the game for the next few months.

Nothing at all in any game with a sub, even if the sub is optional.

Though, truth be told, I’m more likely to leave the game over it selling houses than to actually purchase a house.

Michael Robert

I play Archeage and to date ive spent over $40000 in the past 2 years, Do I regret it no.
People say im stupid, But really? Your hobby might be Gold, Basketball, Shopping, My hobby is gaming, I think people need to look in the mirror before judging somone on how much they spend on there hobby, You only live once, Spend what you can afford doing what you like.

Esspecially when those thousands of hours over your lifetime in game are just like, Thousands of hours off your lifespan. >> Gaming is part of real life if your a gamer


I guess I should answer the question. How much would I pay for a virtual house?

The answer is, I should never have to spend more money or time investment on a virtual item than what a full-fledged game might cost. Really, I shouldn’t have to be more than a DLC either.


I’ve been contemplating which house to get in ESO, and the longer I think the more I realize it is not worth it with in game gold or buying with crowns from the store. Yes, some of the properties are pretty, but where is the functionality. Once you buy the house now you need to furnish it, welcome to grind fest.

First off you need to have a level 50 crafter that has mastered every craft and has all of your motifs. (Lots of recipes require multiple crafts to make stuff.)

Vendor bought recipes are almost none existent for even the most basic of furniture.

Furniture specific mats are a horrendous grind. Hours of grind to make a simple candle or food display item is insane.

So, pretty much before you invest much time into it, please read up about it. If you really decide to get into it expect to invest a lot of time and resources into your house.

I personally play the game to have fun, not grind endlessly.


Yes, the houses in Elder Scrolls Online do cost way too much. They’re really not that big, I thought we were going to get a much bigger plots. Some of the houses have no land at all and even the ones that do don’t really have very much.

One of the few other games I play that has a lot of housing stuff in it is Pirate 101. So while looking at Elder Scrolls Online’s houses I couldn’t help but think of something… Pirate 101 has waaaaay bigger houses, huge plots with various buildings, lots of extra underground places, Arenas and things, and cost about $10-$13 each. They’re big sprawling and beautiful with so many extra touches and in the end cost 10% of the best ESO houses which aren’t nearly as grand.

I’m so sick about the house prices in Elder Scrolls Online that I haven’t bought one even though I specifically was going on the game after the patch to do so.

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For me, nothing. I’ve spent a bit on MMOs (both subscription and non-subscription) over the years, but housing has at best been a minor irritation to me and not worth my money. It’s like buying a fancy new action figure, then spending money to improve the box it came in; I’d rather play with the figure.


Grand total of stuff all. I don’t get the housing craze at all, I’m not sure why. Wildstar was the only game that had housing I had a passing interest in for functionality sake.


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It’s there for the people who’ve been subbed for so long that they have nothing to spend crowns on, much in the same manner the lock boxes were put in place.

Malcolm Swoboda

I spend in the $1s easily, but $10s only if I’m really invested in the thing, and $100s almost never. So I guess in the lower $10s for an in-game MMORPG house. And only if I damn well feel I’m getting more use out of it than how MMORPG housing normally works.

Steve Fury

I don’t mind micro transactions if you can earn it in game. The way I see it, if I put in an 8 hour work day and have the extra money, I rather buy the thing I want with real cash rather than spend another 8 hours in game earning gold. lol

But yeah..this transaction ain’t so micro..Maybe they want to encourage people to play the game and earn the gold..I can’t be mad at that.