Devs and players say farewell to Landmark and the last remnants of EverQuest Next


Landmark’s servers blinked off for the very last time last night, with our own EverQuest franchise columnist MJ Guthrie there to stream the end. The sandbox hadn’t even reached its first birthday after its long-awaited but still hasty launch last year.

“Such a waste,” former SOE and Daybreak CEO John Smedley remarked on Twitter. “It’s tragic to see this game turned off. EQ Next would have been brilliant based on it. We could have done it.”

We’ve rounded up some memories from the current and former Daybreak and SOE reps, plus we’ve included MJ’s stream and some of our favorite Landmark content in the last couple of years.

First, MJ’s stream of the sunset. If you just want to see the end, skip to about 1:50:00, as the fireworks go off and the countdown timer trails off to blackness.

Former SOE and Daybreak CEO John Smedley:

Daybreak Lead Game Designer Emily “Domino” Taylor:

Former SOE Director of Development and Creative Director Dave Georgeson:

Daybreak Communications Manager Colette “Dexella” Murphy:

Former SOE Senior Brand Manager Omeed Dariani:

Former SOE Associate Producer Eric Smith:

And here’s a recap of some of our more interesting pieces about Landmark from the last two years.

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Our condolences to players who’ve lost a favorite world or pile of money this week.


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I’m kind of sad that Landmark is the reason why we never got flamethrowers in PS2.


Heh. Thought of this after a few drinks yesterday. Lol.

“Farewell and adieu to our EverQuest ladies. Farewell and adieu you ladies of fame!”

“For we’re on a ship steered away from your ocean. We’ll shanghai a new one and see you again!”


I see more than a few commenters here and elsewhere hoping someone buys the Everquest IP. That’s actually a nightmare for me. I just don’t see any company out there taking it and doing it “right”.

I feel this way for many reasons, but the biggest is what is “right”? A homage to Original EQ, a game that I’ve heard described as “the game that hates you for playing it”? Following in the footsteps of EQNext? Trying to combine both old school and modern MMO philosophies?

Maybe this is very pessimistic of me, but I just don’t see EQ under new management working out and bringing more ruin to a once proud IP.

One caveat I’ll add is someone taking over the existing games to keep them going.


Sucks how it all turned out in the end.

Brown Jenkin

Pretty sad day for MMOs all around and a not so great sign perhaps for the future of the genre. Perhaps that’s an overstatement, but EQNext (and by weird extension Landmark) promised something new to the genre that it was sorely in need of, meaningful and dynamic PvE. At this point I’m not sure we’ll ever see it, though I’m not sure if we’re more likely to be doomed to a sea of rehashed WoW clones or PvP focused sandboxes.


“Farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu you ladies of Spain…”

Well, what else can be said? It’s all out there clear as day now. But I won’t talk about the travesty of it. The dismantling of an MMORPG dream shared by devs and gamers.

Instead, I look forward to what is to come. The dream that was Everquest Next and Landmark is still there. That hasn’t changed. And if there is one thing that is certain, it is that others will try again. Because as much as gaming is a business it is also the pursuit of art, music, story, and community which was and is unique as a form of high art. And the promise of creating a world that players can be a part of and create on their own continues even as we speak.

So, I raise my glass, to those out there who have the will and skill to make something new. They know trials all to well. And they understand what EQN and Landmark were and what remains.

Now, for a bit of that Irish whiskey! Ah! Let us be on our way! :)

Kickstarter Donor

Perhaps one day Amazon could be tempted by the IP.
I hear they recently hired somebody who’s vaguely familiar with the franchise…..

Jeremy Barnes

out of the options to buy the EQ Ip when it inevitably goes up for sale, Amazon may be one of the better ones.


Too much baggage in that package for someone big like Amazon. Besides they got their own huge projects to invest in. Perhaps some smaller company.

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Esoteric Coyote

It makes me sad this is gone. Smedley is right, what a waste.


Yeah you can discuss if Smedley and the team did well, but it is certainly a waste of such a good idea with actual future potential – Just see the next 10 year when all good mmo-like games incorporate the features and ideas from EqNext/Landmark; then those beancounters will regret not getting in on the trend.


I believe that you are correct in this


I’m trying to think when SOE (Now Webreak Games) first started going sideways, and I think it was around the development of SWG when SOE had developers who knew nothing about the franchise reportedly say things like “Who cares if it’s Canon..It’s Star Wars” As if that’s all it took for success. I lay a lot of the blame about the current state of this company squarely at Smeds, (and to a lesser extent McQuaid, and Kosters when they were there) feet.

And who they have Steering their games now isn’t much better, Jack (I destroy IP’s ) Emmert who spends more time bitching about his Obama care and political views on his Facebook page, than he does working on DCUO (Not my words, that’s from a friend who is a dev there) The lackadaisical approach to EQ and EQII that has adopted the we crap in a box and the loyal will buy it ethos is just sickening.

It all just makes me profoundly sad, as I was a beta tester for EQ and I remember what that game was and how the entire portfolio has been more or less taken to a back ally and executed gangland style.


Alas poor pixels, I knew ye not!