Monster Hunter World and Final Fantasy XIV prepare a crossover while the latter prepares for a patch

We still don’t yet know what rewards you’ll get in Final Fantasy XIV for hunting the great beast Rathalos, but we know that the huge wyvern and the Palico will both be putting in an appearance. We also don’t know what rewards you’ll get in Monster Hunter World for fighting and slaying the Behemoth, but you might have to chase a few Cactuars along the way. Yes, the crossover is happening sometime this summer, both versions have teaser sites and trailers just below. Group up and hunt some monsters!

You will also likely want to group up for Heaven-on-High in FFXIV once it releases with patch 4.35. The official site for patch 4.3 has been updated to reflect both Heaven-on-High and the continuation of the Hildibrand questline, so you can look forward to both of those inclusions on July 3rd. Which is probably before you’ll need a full group to take on a monster worth hunting, but you never know.

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One thing I gotta say is that I sincerely hope this content makes it over to the PC version of MHW which is supposedly launching sometime this fall, last I heard. Obviously the FFXIV portion of the crossover will (probably) be time-limited, but I wonder if the MHW part will be too? Or is it more like a DLC pack?


Ffxiv HAS been known to repeat time limited events so it may pop up again later on when thr pc version does it

Danny Smith

Capcom already confirmed that once that games post launch support -which is usually a year of free DLC in time for the G rank rerelease or sequel- that all of the time gated stuff will be unlocked forever. Right now its just timed as a service type thing to keep people revisiting the game every month but by the pc release it will probably just all be out at the same time.

FFXIV however it will probably be gone. They brought back lightning and youkai watch once but that was a big deal. I would expect the items to show up on the cash shop but you want to fight a Rathalos as a Red Mage you hit it when its up or miss it forever.