Path of Exile’s custom leagues are now live ahead of the expansion reveal


Path of Exile is on fire right now, and that was before Blizzard decided to botch Diablo Immortal and drive players into Grinding Gear Games’ waiting arms. Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve learned the New Zealand MMOARPG is getting a PlayStation 4 launch as well as a new expansion, both next month. In the interim are the new private leagues, which went live this weekend.

The team has a refreshed FAQ up now, but the gist is that players can pay to create their own game ruleset for their mates, with rules covering everything from how long the league will run and how many people can join to how difficult the mobs are and whether or not players can make use of their stash. There are even toggles for things like famine (fun fun) and NPC vendoring for those who want to play in super hardcore mode.

“We designed private leagues with the needs of two groups of players in mind. The first group is players who want a more challenging Path of Exile experience. The second is players who want to see how far they and their friends can get without outside influence from the rest of a league. Private Leagues will be fun for content creators who want to create an entertaining stream or video by playing Path of Exile on obscenely difficult settings, potentially alongside members of their communities. Philosophically, it’s important to us that Private Leagues don’t make the game easier. That’s what special events like Flashback, Turmoil and Mayhem are for. We’ll continue to run special events like these in the future.”

Stay tuned for expansion info later this week!

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Jemmyt Reloaded

Since when PoE has become a MMOARPG ? Is it because of Lost Ark ?


Glad to see PoE getting full support as a F2P game. It’s got very complex systems which require a ton of reading to fully exploit and can be unforgiving. The hitch is the MTX coarse if you want to make it worth your time. Grim Dawn is a bit easier to get into and maintain but it’s a pay to play game. Just IMO.