PSA: Make sure you log in to get your free DC Universe Online CR210 character booster

PSA: Make sure you log in to get your free DC Universe Online CR210 character booster
Daybreak’s superhero MMO DC Universe Online is currently in the midst of its eighth anniversary celebrations, complete with the new event Attack of the Anti-Monitor, open world missions, the Centennial Collapse raid, A World Past Hope and Fear solo, new feats, and new cosmetics too. And if all that doesn’t get you excited, then maybe the promise of a free CR210 Character Advance will. Yep, Daybreak’s dishing them out, at least to those who log in before the end of the month.

“Everyone, log in to celebrate the DCUO 8th Anniversary and receive your FREE CR210 Character Advance. Get caught up on your main character, boost up an alt, or start a whole new adventure – it’s up to you! This character advance comes with the new House of El 2019 gear suit, an Artifact Starter Pack, an Exobyte Cache to get your Augments up to date, Episode 30: Earth 3, about 85 skill points, and a grab bag of consumables. Plus, want the House of El 2019 style on your other characters? […] To claim your free CR210 Character Advance, you must log in between now and January 31, 2019. Once you have logged in, you may use the advance right away or save it for a later time. One per account. Additional CR210 Character Advances may be purchased at Character Creation or Character Select.”

Massively OP’s Stream Team checked out the state of the game on Friday just in time for the anniversary events themselves; you can rewatch it over on Twitch!

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Space Captain

What’s a good fun class that’s simple to play?

Misty James

Munitions! Big Rambo style guns and very simple loadouts that you can easily swap out for whatever animations you prefer. :)

Hikari Kenzaki

Yep, we talked about that quite a bit and how to claim it.

The best part about this outfit is it lets me have the House of El symbol on the belt and still keep my Donna Troy material :)