Perfect Ten: Things do prepare for ahead of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

I'm not back on any BS, I never left it.

Let’s be real, folks, Final Fantasy XIV‘s third expansion is not right around the corner. You have two months until that thing is even in early access, and that’s just for the people who pre-ordered it like myself. For people who plan to wait until after the launch to maybe play, it’s even longer. This means that now is a good time to start preparing for the actual launch, as we’ve got a couple of months ahead of us.

That might sound paradoxical, but it’s the nature of the game. Unlike, say, World of Warcraft (which will mostly just require the prep work of showing up at launch), there are a lot of moving parts to a given expansion and a lot of ways you can be prepared for the future before it arrives. So with two months to go, now is the time to start in on the list of tasks, basically all of which you can done with well before the launch itself. Hooray!

Zenos, buddy. You look good. Been working out?

1. Be caught up on the main scenario

Yes, you have to do this. This is not a game wherein you need to do absolutely nothing to catch up on the story so far, nor does the story here exist in a totally parallel and separate realm from the other story developments a la Final Fantasy XI. If you want to take part in the stuff that’s happening in FFXIV, you have to keep up with the story. This is not difficult.

If you clocked out after the initial launch of the expansion, this is the sort of thing that you can easily blow through in a weekend with watching all the cutscenes. Those with more to go will have to spend a fair bit more time. But if you want to start in on the expansion, just get through it. Yes, there will likely be a skip potion available closer to launch, but think of this as the option that saves you money. None of these developments are new or surprising.

Yes, you need to catch up on the story. It’s not hard, it’s a good story, and it’s worth your time. If you’ve been playing regularly, you’ve probably already gotten this done.

2. Catch up your job quests you may have neglected

Your main job is almost certainly caught up, but the odds are that you’ve got something that isn’t caught up. For me, it’s my crafting jobs; a bunch of them haven’t quite finished the 70 job quest or the ones leading there, so I need to actually get caught up there. It’ll be relevant in 5.0.

We know what we know.

3. Catch up on the Crystal Tower series

Veteran players are more than likely already caught up, since this was the first series of Alliance Raids and was thus launched a long time ago. But people who jumped into the game during Heavensward or later might never have done these quests, and it’s possible that even veteran players skipped an installment or two. All the more reason to do these things now.

It’s important to note that this will not be required to experience the story, and the optional side content remains optional. But it will give you a clearer understanding of what’s going on in the First, so why not go through it? Seriously, with decent luck you can get through this entire series in an evening.

4. Unlock Kojin and Ananta beast tribe quests

If you want to level Gunbreaker or Dancer, these tribes will help you do it. The experience rewards of beast tribe quests in Stormblood are significant, and they no longer seem to be gated by reputation in volume, so you can get a large chunk of daily experience just by unlocking these and doing them on the regular. Sure, Gunbreaker will have the advantage of tank queue times, but why not bank on both aspects?

5. Bank up current tomestones

Saving for the future is a good idea, especially since the odds are that current tomestone costs will be converted into Poetics and your current tomes will also convert down to Poetics. Thus, banking these up now can mean starting with a nice pile of stuff to spend as needed in the various Poetics vendors. It’s all about planning for the future.

Oh, I get it.

6. Finish up lingering quest chains

There are probably some older chains you’ve had kicking around in your journal for a while. These aren’t going away when the expansion hits, but most of the rewards will probably be far less relevant, and it gives you something extra to do. Plus, doing more catch-up work now means less catch-up work for the next expansion.

The one exception would be leveling quests in the 60-70 range, as those might be best saved for when you’re actually leveling the aforementioned Gunbreaker and Dancer. Those quests aren’t nearly as rewarding as the beast tribe dailies, but they’re still a nice chunk of leveling experience if you need it. Max-level things like the Doman Reconstruction, however, are better to finish out now.

7. Unlock as many Savage tiers as you can

People aren’t going to want to go back and do Savage Omega content when the expansion drops. Odds are that it doesn’t matter much to you now either; if you were interested in pushing a high-end clear, you probably already took care of it. But there’s a higher chance of being able to unlock those tiers now than going back, especially when some of the content in those earlier tiers may be difficult to solo. So maybe you should join some groups or ask around to get the old stuff unlocked for the future.

8. Clear as much of Eureka as you can

Same principle as above. Eureka will probably be tweaked to be a bit more accessible post-Shadowbringers, but unlocking more now will clear your slate if you need to take a trip back later.

Come together.

9. Get any upper-floor antics in Heaven-on-High sorted

Odds are high that Heaven-on-High will still be used for leveling after the expansion hits, and the last 70 floors will still be a challenge just as they are now. None of that is going to change. What is going to change is that a lot of people will be disinclined to head back into the higher floors, and even if you do you will by necessity be doing so as a now somewhat truncated version of your Level 70 job.

If you don’t want to clear it, don’t worry about it. But if you’d like to see the top floor, even if it’s just once… maybe you should get a group together and start climbing for the next couple of months. Just to be ready.

10. Bank up plenty of gil

There will be new items to glamour. There will be new things to buy from vendors. There will be new teleport destinations. You’ll need to buy repairs and the like. Long story short, while you may or may not need anything else, more gil is always useful, and you can always get more of it.

If you’re not sure how to get it and all else fails? Farm monster drops that get used a bunch in crafting, then save those items until the expansion launch. No one wants to go hunt for dragon skins when there’s a whole new world to explore, after all.

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Fantastic list, I hadn’t even thought of Ananta and Kojin quests. One thing I’d love to note is to buy up/run dungeons for 60-70 leveling gear for Tanks and (presumably) dex ranged classes so you’re set for GUN and DNC.

Toy Clown

I had no idea about the beast tribe experience. Thank you for the head’s up. I’ll get Kojin unlocked tomorrow. Eureka is on my bucket list for glamours, but it’s been hard to wrap my head around how the heck it works. I kind of gave up in frustration. We’ll see!


11) Brace yourself for the wave of terribad Gunbreaker tanks who start at 60 and will know very little about what they’re doing in relatively unforgiving instances like Doma Castle but think they can pull 6 packs of mobs and just burn them all down before the boss fight.

Because that’s SUPER FUN and always goes exactly as planned.


Beats Lvl 50+ Gladiators sprinting through the leveling curve with sub 40 armor and sub-10 accessories… It’s been a jam on my server dealing with that. Healers can’t keep them up because the squishy mage has more health, and the fact that the healers are dead or are dying don’t help because–at the post 40 content–you’re expected to have your soul stone and related skills active…

I’ve seen a DPS job or two bum-rushing through levels too on occasion. But the tank situation has been sticking out pretty hard. Especially on the pre-heavensward dungeons were I didn’t have VerCure on my Red Mage.


I’m not even through the 4.0 MSQ yet. I keep getting sidetracked.

Ruby Lancer

One of the things that I think should be done now, if not alongside the tomestones if not in place of them, is to get the level 60 and 70 armor you’ll need right now. Poetics are fairly easy to collect, and at times you really don’t have much to spend them on unless you’re doing Zodiac or Anima relic weapons, and maybe just for a few things that could be sold on the MB if you know what to look for.

A full set of Augumented Shire gear should get a player up to 64 at the very least without needing to upgrade gear, and buying it up now isn’t a bad idea so its ready, including the items needed for weapons.

I would also recommend that if you are fine with your gear set at 70 as it is now, to use the Genesis Tomestones you get to buy the gear for Gunbreaker or Dancer now as well, or what you can. Then around June 4th, just start saving Genesis Tomestones up until you’re about to cap out at 2,000. That’s roughly 3 weeks out from when the servers go down for maintenance for Shadowbringers, and at 900 Tomestones a week, it’ll take about that long to cap out.

Then, when you first step into Shadowbringers, you can go pick up the remaining 60 and 70 gear you need fairly easily and quickly.


Thanks for the interesting, insightful and useful list of things to do in preparation for the next FFXIV expansion. I found it fun to read and makes for a great temptation to jump in again and git-er-done. :)