Final Fantasy XIV starts the Eden raid with patch 5.01

Have some power.

If you’re eager to take on the biggest challenges the world of the First has to offer, today brings you something new to handle. The first four wings of the Eden raid are available now in Final Fantasy XIV, which means more story developments following the end of the main expansion storyline along with a new set of gear to seek out. While the exact items being dropped by every wing have altered, the core of the gameplay will be familiar to players who have run the normal raids before; get a series of items, trade them in for equipment, one piece per week, and so forth. Finish the final one to earn a weapon token.

Of course, this time around there’s the added wrinkle of not yet having the weekly limited tomestones available, so players will still be wearing the Ronkan gear for the first couple of weeks until those get added. Those are scheduled to be included when the raid’s Savage difficulty unlocks in two weeks. Until then, practice the normal content, acquire your tokens, and enjoy the continuing story of what’s afoot on Norvrandt.


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Danny Smith

Really enjoyed this raid tier compared to the last few. The fights are very movement heavy, the music is some excellent FF8 and ARR remixes and the story is pretty interesting and i think its not going to end the way people expect if the new character is from where i think she is from.


idk what I was expecting from the raid, but an Omega rerun with four consecutive platform trials wasn’t it.

It was great one-time story content though.


Well unless I’m misinterpreting the meaning behind what you said, platform trials have been standard for the 8man raids since the beginning. With the Coils and Alexander the main difference was you got to run around a bit at times before getting to the boss, but otherwise you were fighting things in a specific arena as usual.


Coils at least gave you more of a mini dungeon feel, with varied fights over the tier. Same with Alexander. Since Omega, the raid tier is functionally “ok here’s 4 bosses, go ahead and have fun we’ll pick you up afterwards.”
I dunno, it just feels …. cheap.

Vincent Clark

I had the same criticism going in as you. Four platforms, a gateway point in which we all port into the instance–essentially, the same thing as Omega, but different bosses and tactics. I was hoping for more like something compared to Alexander, the thought of exploring the inner parts of Eden seemed promising. Ah well, it’s the first tier–hopefully the second tier has a bit more meat behind it.


I swear Shadowbringers is gonna freaking break my FF8 nostalgia button.

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Spent a good part of the afternoon watching someone stream the normal raid on twitch and she seemed to enjoy them a lot. She certainly seemed excited for the savage versions to come in any case.

I am not into the FF enough to comment on the story, raid mechanics or whether the fan service is up to scratch so I won’t. I do have to say that music in them is pretty awesome, definitely turn that up to 11. I especially like the piece that plays for the final boss battle that came in this patch.

I don’t expect I will ever see any of this myself in the game so it was fun to watch it streamed.