The Rising returns to Final Fantasy XIV on August 26

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Another year has passed, and that means it’s time to celebrate the anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV once again with the annual return of The Rising. This year offers players a fresh set of rewards, naturally; there’s a new wind-up Y’shtola minion available for players sporting her Shadowbringers outfit, along with wall art to commemorate the Stormblood series of major patches. There’s no real in-universe reason for having the art, perhaps, but it sure does look nice.

Players will also face something of a change because the quest for the anniversary event requires level 30; the quest starts in Costa del Sol, thus justifying the slightly higher-than-usual barrier for players. It remains to be seen exactly what this event will entail and if it will tease future content along the way (something of a tradition for the anniversary), but we’ll all find out in just under a week as we celebrate another year of operation in the wake of a delightful expansion.


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Can’t wait to see the vague hints to future content (red herring or otherwise).