EVE Online previews upcoming content updates due this winter, including the HyperNet Relay


The winter months in EVE Online are looking busy indeed if a preview video is any indication. Players can expect to see plenty of new content updates, changes to Minmatar ships and structure gameplay, and even snowball fights between ships because why not.

Leading off the updates is Chapter 2 of the Invasion expansion, which will introduce the Zirnitra Triglavian dreadnought, a new Mimesis implant set that grants damage bonuses for Triglavian weapons, and a promise of new PvE content. Later on, players can also look forward to visual improvements to warp tunnels and the Jita trade hub, the “Rapid Fire” update that will make changes to Minmatar ships and weapons, and the “Kicking Castles” update, which promises improvements to structure gameplay.

The video also grants a look at the new wallet UI, shareable bookmark features, new ship skins, the worrisome HyperNet Relay, and a hint of “unexpected holiday gifts” which will bring “surprise trips and snowball fights” to New Eden. All of it can be peeked at to the tune of two modems rhythmically headbutting each other in the video below.

source: YouTube