Dual Universe is still not going to consoles… but it could, with these specs

No one is saying never, just not right now

Single-platform universe.

With everyone all agog over the specs for the PlayStation Five and the Xbox Series X, the team at Novaquark has looked at these specs, at Dual Universe as a PC-only game, and said… “nope, still PC-only.” Yes, this is a lengthy development blog in which the developers specifically state that the game is going to retain its current development trajectory for PC only. But there actually is more to say, starting with the acknowledgement that these consoles could definitely run Dual Universe comfortably and the team understands why consoles are more attractive for some players.

What holds the team back from console development is simply that Novaquark is still a small indie team without the resources and manpower to switch over to also developing things for a console, much less a controller interface. It’s important to ensure that one version of the game (the main one) is getting all necessary resources instead of half of the resources it needs. However, since the hardware specs are robust enough to support the game… it’s not inherently off the table for the future, just not for right now.

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