World of Warcraft changes how Conduits work and has a new type of weekly chest in Shadowlands

Want to dig the depth.

The first version of the Conduit system in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands didn’t exactly go over well with players. No one was excited by the prospect of having to farm for various items to slot into soulbinds and then hope for a more powerful one to drop later. This is, thankfully, why the design has been changed. Conduits will now be added to a collection, with more powerful version upgrading the version in your collection; to balance this out, you’ll have a once-per-week opportunity to reset your soulbind, making it less destructive overall but locking you into choices slightly longer.

The current test has also yielded a new peek at the Grand Vault, which seems to replace the weekly chest from Mythoc+ runs; players will get more options the more successful raid bosses are downed, the more Mythoc dungeons are run, and the more Conquest Points are earned. It appears that power level will be tied to the content completed, but players will get more gear options rather than stronger gear based on how many are achieved. So you’ll have an easier way to collect gear without relying on drops, then.

Last but not least, WoW Classic has a new trailer for the war effort in Ahn’Qiraj, for those eager to go fight the heck out of some bugs.

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