Destiny 2 takes a look at the Prophecy dungeon design and explains the Content Vault


Destiny 2 appears to be wearing its MMO-ness like a snuggly coat if a couple of recent articles are to be believed, what with its love affair for dungeon design and its upcoming system that will lock up old content to keep things in the world fresh. In one, we get a close look at the design of the Prophecy dungeon and how the devs at Bungie approached several things that happen in the encounter like having player teams transition from walking on floors to walking on walls and ceilings. For those who enjoy the dungeon (and there apparently are many that do), it’s likely an insightful read.

If you’re looking for something more informational, than Bungie’s weekly update post has details on the Content Vault system that’s arriving with Year 4’s launch on November 10th. In short, Io, Titan, Mars, Mercury, and Leviathan will all be entering the Vault in order to make way for the Cosmodrome and Europa content. This also means that all of the associated activities, quests, rewards, and other things are going in the Vault as well; new free players will have an all-new experience waiting for them, while those with the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions will still get to play those stories. Furthermore, the Moments of Triumph activities that are being Vaulted have had their reward lockouts removed to make it easier for players to get the achievements and collection completions they want.

That’s a very broad strokes rundown of what the Content Vault does, and there are some specific things that will and will not become available in Year 4, like the Vault of Glass raid returning. The weekly post offers more granular details on what’s being locked up in November to help players plan their chases.

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