Destiny 2 takes a look at the Prophecy dungeon design and explains the Content Vault


Destiny 2 appears to be wearing its MMO-ness like a snuggly coat if a couple of recent articles are to be believed, what with its love affair for dungeon design and its upcoming system that will lock up old content to keep things in the world fresh. In one, we get a close look at the design of the Prophecy dungeon and how the devs at Bungie approached several things that happen in the encounter like having player teams transition from walking on floors to walking on walls and ceilings. For those who enjoy the dungeon (and there apparently are many that do), it’s likely an insightful read.

If you’re looking for something more informational, than Bungie’s weekly update post has details on the Content Vault system that’s arriving with Year 4’s launch on November 10th. In short, Io, Titan, Mars, Mercury, and Leviathan will all be entering the Vault in order to make way for the Cosmodrome and Europa content. This also means that all of the associated activities, quests, rewards, and other things are going in the Vault as well; new free players will have an all-new experience waiting for them, while those with the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions will still get to play those stories. Furthermore, the Moments of Triumph activities that are being Vaulted have had their reward lockouts removed to make it easier for players to get the achievements and collection completions they want.

That’s a very broad strokes rundown of what the Content Vault does, and there are some specific things that will and will not become available in Year 4, like the Vault of Glass raid returning. The weekly post offers more granular details on what’s being locked up in November to help players plan their chases.

source: official site (1, 2)

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I only started playing Destiny 2 when it came to Steam, and I’m very casual about it. I don’t do strikes, I don’t PvP, I don’t gear chase. I’ve been going through the content in story-order and relaxing with the repeatable public events.

My impression has been that D2 – generally speaking – does a poor job of explaining what’s going on, seeming to assume that “everyone” has been playing “forever” and is on endgame activities. Mechanic and narrative on-boarding were practically non-existent when I started playing.

When D2’s recent update with black pyramids came in, it was like the game was determined to force me to skip to Chapter 63 when I’d just finished Chapter 10. I had to watch a cutscene of people I’d never met talking about things I’d never heard of, then got teleported to a place I’d never been.

I’ve enjoyed my time with Destiny. It’s fun to smash things, even if I’d prefer a bit less running around. The vistas are often amazing; halls that exist solely to be run through on the way to another fight usually contain amazing architecture, details, and lighting.

I hope when the change comes, there’s still enough content that a casual player can enjoy.

Dug From The Earth

the content vault was enough to make me stop playing.

Im not one of the popular groups that seems to focus on just recent content it seems.

I like to go back and experience everything a game has to offer. I dont want to have to read about specific lore things on a website. I want to experience them in game.

Their #1 reason for the content vault is a ridiculous one too. Their poor programming has caught up with them causing Destiny 2’s code base to be bloated and hard to manage, specifically when it comes to updates, patches, and expansions.

Imagine if your car dealer showed up to your house and said, “In order to keep your car running at 28 miles per gallon, we are going to need to remove the AC and Radio. The extra weight is causing the cars performance to not meet its specs.”

Thats basically what is happening here.


As someone who’s recently started the game (December) I don’t get why everyone is upset about content leaving the game. It’s more like a visceral, emotional reaction than a practical one.

The simple fact is the older content is not used at all. It is bad content in the current game that Destiny 2 is. The only reason you go to older locations is if they specifically add some sort of seasonal content. For example no one ever visited Titan or Io in recent member until they specifically added the new Contact event there for this season. For general game play if I am going to do anything else I’d go do more modern content with interesting activities such as the Moon, Dreaming City and other such locations.

An argument could be made that they should revamp these areas instead of retire them, but that’s exactly what they are planning to do with their retirement. They’re going to retire them, revamp them, and then bring them back at a later date with new mechanics as needed. I never played Destiny 1 so them bringing back locations revamped for Destiny 2 with Cosmodrome or Vault of Glass raid sounds like a blast.

When you think about things from a practical game play perspective, this move makes sense. Get rid of the areas that aren’t relevant anymore and direct people to the content they are going to spend time on anyways.

Dankey Kang

Agree 100%. If content is irrelevant at endgame then there really isn’t any need to have it bloating the size of the client so much. I loved visiting the old areas but they are a complete waste of time in most cases and that needs changing.

Dug From The Earth

End game only matters to people who care about end game.

Dug From The Earth

it is used.. just not by the majority of people.

I enjoy the option to do the content. Removing the content removes that option.

James Crow

its not about if someone playing the content or not, its about making the world less alive story and lore wise.

not everyone care about endgame stuff, you dont see warframe or mmorpg removing 80% of content bc no one playing it.

they could make each planet as downloadable content option, and story wise people not going to play with clyde6 but then going to revenged his death…


“The game is too big.” – Then optimize it. That non-descript stone texture you see once in the entire game on a single rock in an unrepeatable main story mission doesn’t need to be a 500mb 16k uncompressed bitmap.

“We can’t maintain it.” – Then why did you sell the content in the first place? This shows a lack of long term planning and management at Bungie first and foremost.

Also, that last bit is double doubtful since D1 is still up and running without issues.


Anticipating players would want to grab the coveted raid rewards and Triumphs before they enter the Vault. This year’s Moments of Triumph currently features the five raids being added to the DCV with the reward lockouts removed to make grinding them extra… well, rewarding.

So, they are adding time gates on their existing content in order to make it “more desirable”. Ya know, like those “ONLY ONE DAY! Hurry up and buy our shit before it’s too late!” Does anyone still believe that Bungie are heroes of the day and that’s Activision who pushed them to the wrong decisions?


If Activision was still involved you would be basically starting all over from scratch with Destiny 3 so you’d be effectively losing all your gear, locations, raids and other content and being shuffled off to a new game.

So, yes?