World of Warcraft is wiping Shadowlands characters and pulls back its release candidate of the pre-patch


Well, this is slightly less than heartening for World of Warcraft players. There’s less than a month until the stated launch date for Shadowlands, but despite player predictions putting the patch today, there is still no pre-patch and the most recent test server build actually removed the release candidate status. On top of that, the beta characters are getting wiped for further testing during the Wednesday maintenance window for the beta, which is not generally the sort of thing you want to see with release so close.

Of course, there are some bugs that still need to be ironed out, such as the missing crafts for several Warlords of Draenor equipment appearances in the pre-patch, which Blizzard has stated will be re-introduced later. For now, you can take in the Harvest Festival (which actually is not so much about harvesting and more about honoring the dead) and just keep watching for official dates and times.

Source: Wowhead, Official Site, Twitter (1, 2)

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It’s not the issue of when they’re releasing it…I hope it’s released when it’s ready. Instead, it’s the dodgy way they’re are communicating this. Like it where undeclared income taxes they don’t want to share with the public before an election. Just saying.

Bryan Turner

Odd it’s like they don’t want money, I mean I’m getting paid tomorrow so I was planning on leveling some alts in the new prepatch, buying a Token for some legal gold; sorry Blizz since you don’t like money I’ll be spending it on ESO again I guess.


Yes, and since the update of a week ago there has been a semi-permanent download taking place in-game. It affects different folks in different ways, from making the game unplayable to just minor annoyances like world maps taking time to load. It cannot be disabled.

Developers know about the problem, but it was not fixed with today’s restarts.

Things are definitely not looking good with the full launch less then 4 weeks away.

Well, we shall see how it all plays out.

Matthew Yetter

So I guess that was the pre-pre-patch.