H1Z1 kicks off Season 9 on PS4 with new rewards and minor vehicle spawn changes


Apparently, there’s been an update for H1Z1 on the PlayStation 4. Don’t get too excited, though; it’s mostly the launch of the game’s next season. Or get excited if you dig on this title’s seasonal content, no judgment here.

Honestly, the update’s patch notes are skinny enough to be zero calorie: We know that Season 9 started, that it will have 100 tiers of rewards and a new rewards crate, that Season 8’s crate items will be crammed into the Legacy Rewards crate, and that there are minor changes to vehicle spawns in Z2 and Training modes. That’s kind of about it. Still, if you’re looking for new stuff to chase, now you’ve got some.

If you prefer Z1 Battle Royale (aka the PC game), that’s seen some downtime maintenance last week but otherwise hasn’t gotten any actual updates. Daybreak has said that it’s “not ready to call it quits,” but that was also back in 2019.


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