World of Warcraft: Classic launches The Burning Crusade pre-patch today

Faces and offs.

Today’s the day for WoW Classic players to start leveling their Blood Elves and Draenei because the game’s pre-patch ahead of The Burning Crusade is going live today. That means the two new races are available for players to make and play, along with all of the talent and mechanical changes going live, with two weeks remaining until the actual experience of The Burning Crusade is live on the game’s servers. So get in there and start enjoying the new classic features!

Well, assuming that you have your character moving forward into the game’s first expansion rather than staying behind in the vintage Classic experience, since you’ll also need to make that choice upon logging into your characters in WoW Classic. So that’s another new feature being added with the pre-patch. It’s a pretty significant one, even. Many new old-fashioned experiences all around!

Blizzard is, happily, dropping dungeon gating.

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