Final Fantasy XIV ups tomestone limits and timeworn artifact rewards with patch 5.57

To be fair, this one is optional.

Have some relic weapons left over to grind? Have a dire need for some tomestone upgrades? The process of both is getting a fair bit easier in Final Fantasy XIV with the latest minor patch, 5.57, which buffs up the timeworn artifacts earned from Delubrum Reginae to three per run. That means getting past that particular step in your weapon will just require five runs rather than fifteen, a rather significant shortening. (And that’s without noting that Honors will make the runs easier to begin with.)

Players will also now be limited by a weekly cap of 900 Allagan Tomestones of Revelation, double the prior limit of 450. There’s also easier access to the last tier of Eden raids (complete with an Echo buff), improvements to the Bozjan Southern Front, and the option to transfer to a different world server direct from the character select screen for situations where your home world is congested. Check out the short but impactful list of changes on the official patch notes.


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Oh thank god the change to the Timeworn happened…right as I got to that step LOL