Realm of the Mad God’s biggest patch of the year lands August 17


It’s been a while since we poked our head into Realm of the Mad God – the top of the year, in fact. Back in January, in the wake of its 2020 Exalt remaster, Deca Games and Wild Shadow Studios laid out a bold roadmap for the game, which readers will recall is unique in the MMO genre as a free-to-play retro 8-bit-style bullet-hell PvP MMO with a form of permadeath and an absurdly positive Steam score. Plus, Steam keeps trying to recommend it to me as someone who likes both Trove and Albion Online, which… actually that does seem appropriate, come to think of it.

Anyhow, that January roadmap promised a huge August release for the annual Month of the Mad God, and we’re creeping up on that now, which naturally means the teases and trailers have begun. As promised, in Antinomy, the team is implementing a major rework of the “extremely polarizing” Shatters dungeon, a new Enchantment system for gear, a new dungeon modifiers system that sounds like alternative difficulties and random-spawning challenges, and even more story.

Beyond this update, there’s more in store for 2021 and into next year. “Another new class, a Realm rework, a brand new Battle Pass, and more QoL features are only some of the things that our design and development teams have in their hands right now,” the studio says. And apparently, there are plenty of people lining up to play.

“We have never had as many people in Realm as in 2020. […] In 2021 and 2022 we are not slowing down. We want to make the game cleaner, user friendly, and even more engaging, so that at some point (after over 10 years 🙂 ) we will be confident to present our game to new users and expand the Realm community. So buckle up guys, because Realm is thriving more than ever!”


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This game honestly never ceases to amaze me. It’s so good.