Shadow’s Kiss finishes Steam integration, plans targeted closed beta, and shares alpha gameplay footage


The vampiric MMORPG Shadow’s Kiss has bobbed in and out of our radar for a while now. First announced in 2016, this dark and adult-oriented MMO hit Kickstarter in 2017 where it made 300% of its ask, then went generally silent to the point that we wondered what happened to the game.

From there, communications from Clockwork Throne Studios were sporadic: Last August saw a planned summer soft launch on Steam, while an update last November noted problems with linking existing accounts to Steam that stretched out into this past February.

This finally brings us to the game’s May update, which confirms that existing accounts can now link to Steam, which in turn opens the door for some targeted early beta tests to happen that players can request access for via email. Timing for when these tests start was not yet confirmed.

The update also offers up some alpha gameplay footage, granting a peek at a variety of things like combat, feeding on and enthralling humans, and some… social activities such as watching a stripper dance (complete with a context button to slap stripper butt) and enjoying some flogging time. That’s all to say that the video below is just a bit NSFW; there’s no nudity, but the footage likely just toes YouTube’s content line.

On the subject of that footage, the May Kickstarter update notes that there are some “warts” that need to be fixed, particularly in the realm of combat, but followers can at least get a sense of where these things are going. Find a safe place to be away from prying eyes and take in the trailer below for more.

sources: Kickstarter, YouTube, thanks to DDO Central for the tip!
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