EverQuest II unceremoniously wipes its ‘prison server’ and permabans every account

Dead server walking


Hey, did you know that EverQuest II once had a prison server? It was called Drunder, and since 2015 it was the place that Daybreak sent every account was sent that had, at one time, violated the rules of the game or engaged in egregious exploits. There they could continue to play — but without customer support. In other words, it was a compromise between punishing players and losing a paying customer’s business.

There is a reason we are referring to Drunder in the past tense, and that is because Daybreak axed the server this week along with every account and character on it. Let us repeat that: Every account and character on this server were permabanned, even non-rulebreakers who had asked to be sent to the server in the past to play with their friends in spite of never having done anything wrong.

This move caused ripple effects across all of Daybreak’s titles, according to EQ2Wire: “They didn’t just close the server. They permabanned every account with a Drunder character, even if you had EQ1, PS2, or DCUO characters.”

According to the studio’s now-outdated description, “Drunder is where accounts found to be in violation of our rules may be sent in lieu of total account termination. This is a one-way trip. All of the existing EQII characters on an account will be copied to Drunder and the account will not have access to any other EQII server.”

Players who were transferred to Drunder on request and now find their accounts deleted are encouraged to create a new account and submit a ticket through that to Daybreak. “Those who have far more information about the inner workings of the server decided to do it this way for a reason,” CM Angeliana said on Discord in response to players asking why Daybreak didn’t warn everyone ahead of time. “CS is awaiting and prepared for tickets regarding this news.”

Source: EQ2Wire, Daybreak. Thanks Morgan, Ancient Gaming Noob, and MMO Fallout
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