Old School RuneScape adds new Last Man Standing rules and unveils a Tombs of Amascut trailer

I mean, well, that's to be expected...

How do you want to take on the Last Man Standing mode in Old School RuneScape? (Aside from impersonating Éowyn and proudly proclaiming you are no man as you take out your last remaining opponent; right idea, wrong fictional franchise.) The latest update for the game adds two new options for players to vote on when the game mode is getting started, with Zerker mode giving everyone level 75 Attack and level 45 Defense, while 1 Def Pure gives 75 Attack and 1 Defense. Everyone gets to vote before the match starts, and the votes form the backbone of the random probability to get one of the various modes to prevent mass-voting or bots from skewing the results.

If you’re not really a fan of LMS or are just more interested in the game’s next set of raids, you can instead excite yourself with the new Tombs of Amascut trailer that Jagex has just released featuring ominous torchlight imagery and some really keen voiceover to sell the experience. Even if you’re not interested in the raid, this is the sort of trailer that gets you hyped up to go fight a villain; you can check it out just below.

Source: Official Site, YouTube
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