Here’s what to expect from Lost Ark’s September update, launching tomorrow


Lost Ark players, you’ve got 16 hours of downtime to burn before the MMOARPG’s next update. What do you do with that time? Maybe you could read the patch notes for the update; it’s more than likely not going to burn 16 hours, but it will at least get you prepared for what’s coming.

As the patch’s title suggests, the Rage with the Machinist update launches the Machinist advanced class to players, with all of the robot suit-wearing, drone-launching, gun-firing high tech one could ask for. The other major portion of the update is the new Legion Raid against creepy clown man Kakul-Saydon, which will incidentally offer an in-game training course for players to practice some of the minigames Kakul will throw at players during the raid.

Other features of note include another free Punika Powerpass, special event missions that a character can take on in order to hone their character up, and of course the server merges Amazon announced earlier. There’s plenty of notes to read while things in Akresia get dark, so hop to it.

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