The Daily Grind: Which MMO boasts the best graphics as of 2022?


Last year, I singled out Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons – then already on our horizon – as being worthy of the “best graphics” label. This year, I want to nod to an older MMO: Lord of the Rings Online.

But Bree, you say, LOTRO’s characters look like puddin-heads that fell out the ugly tree. And you would be right. But LOTRO’s landscapes are really good, you guys. Waaaay better than they should be for a game that’s 15 years old. Can Lost Ark top it? I mean, it better be able to because… 15 years old.

OK, you’re under no obligation to give extra points to an MMO for defying its age here just because I would. You decide: Which MMO boasts the best graphics as of 2022?

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