Guild Wars 2 previews the changes coming to WvW with the update on January 31

That's not a Dolyak.

Despite your continued practice of wearing a t-shirt in Guild Wars 2 proclaiming you as “CHIEF DOLYAK DESTROYER STILL THE BEST SINCE 2013” and your hat that says “WOMEN WANT ME, DOLYAKS FEAR ME,” you are not properly rewarded for your antics in massacring heavy pack animals in WvW. It is, frankly, kind of shameful. But starting with the game’s update on January 31st there will be new weekly achievements coming to WvW, and that will including an achievement for destroying dolyaks. The weekly achievements reset on Sunday, but at long last, your day has come.

Other changes coming with the update include ballistae and flame rams being made more durable, base supply limits being reduced, and supply dolyaks getting more health so they’re easier to defend. (Why would they do this to you, the dolyak destroyer?) It’s a number of balance tweaks to improve the overall flow of WvW battles, with the preview promising that world restructuring and alliances are still in process. Get ready to get back out there and assert your dominance over dolyaks next week.

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