Overwatch 2 recaps Flashpoint, talks balance, and teases next hero


The Invasion update of Overwatch 2 continues to be the topic of conversation for the shooter’s director Aaron Keller in his latest dev blog, as he once more calls attention to the Flashpoint PvP mode and continues nudging at the game’s next support hero.

The majority of the post is about the PvP mode, specifically the design of one of its two maps, Suravasa, with Keller sharing a paper sketch of the map’s layout while talking about things like its quasi-symmetrical design, the placement of spawn points, and word that the mode’s very first point to fight over will always start at the center of the map. Keller further points out that this design for Suravasa isn’t the same as the in-game one, but it does quite literally illustrate his team’s design goals.

Another segment of the post talks about balance once again, as Keller says the game’s balance is in “great shape” for this current season, particularly in regard to tank diversity, a shift in damage hero picks, and increases for support choices. The mid-season balance patch that’s coming online later will continue tuning things, with focus on adjusting Zenyatta’s Discord Orb ability, pulling power for Torbjorn and Symmetra away from their turrets, and improving the control over Sojourn’s Railgun primary fire spread among other things.

Speaking of support characters, the blog closes out with yet another tease of the game’s next support hero featuring a piece of concept art of a “solar threading ritual” that’s an integral part of her backstory. Keller is otherwise mum on details but does call out players who have performed some surprisingly accurate detective work. More information about this character is promised before Invasion launches.

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