World of Warcraft updates its 2023 roadmap with plans for the next two patches for the game


No, the next minor incoming patch for World of Warcraft is not purely about Fury Warriors. We understand any confusion there, though; the patch is called Fury Incarnate, it’s an easy assumption to make. But the next minor patch will see the addition of heritage armor for Night Elves and Forsaken, so you can in fact be incarnated to quite a bit of fury given how both of those races were treated through Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands. Justifiable fury!

The patch will also introduce Dreamsurges throughout the Dragon Isles along with splitting this patch’s Mythic-only megadungeon into two parts for Heroic players, something that usually takes a bit longer. Add in some new holiday refreshes for Brewfest and players can probably make some reasonable guesses about when this next patch will arrive, even though the developers are already trying to hype people up less than a week off the most recent patch. Check out the full roadmap just below.

World of Warcraft's 2023 Roadmap

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