The Elder Scrolls Online previews update 40’s group finder and combo crafting stations

I miss when official sites just saved things as JPGs, like this new AVIF format isn't just annoying.

When Update 40 arrives in The Elder Scrolls Online later this month, players are going to have an easier time grouping up with the help of the Group Finder. MMO players might think that sounds like a pretty simple tool, but the latest dispatch from the developers explains it’s anything but. ZeniMax says its goal wasn’t to make a Group Finder just for a couple of forms of content but for everything where players prefer to group up, from dungeons to running around PvPing in Cyrodiil, with a mockup that took hundreds of screenshots to assemble. It was a big task, but it will help you find friends for taking on big tasks together.

Meanwhile, you’ll be losing some friends if you found your crafting stations in your house to be friends, as Grand Master Crafting stations are also being introduced to reduce housing clutter and simplify the process of making things. Instead of needing hundreds of stations, you’ll just need four. So you get more groups and fewer crafting stations, which is definitely an improvement in both cases.

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