EverQuest II’s GU 125 Darkpaw Rising revives ‘the spirit of Fippy’ this afternoon


Happy launch day to EverQuest II players, who are reliving some nostalgia today in the form of GU 125 Darkpaw Rising. (A moment of awe for the fact that this game is up to GU 125, yeah?) Expect a whole round of new dungeons, raids, and quests with this patch, all focused on the gnoll clan theme.

“A hypnotic gnoll shaman has roused the Sabertooth gnoll clan of Blackburrow into a crazed frenzy,” Daybreak intones. “Having come to the burrows from a neighboring land on a holy quest, they claim to have been presented an ancient tome of Chirannis by the spirit of Fippy. The stranger convinced the Sabertooth clan that their destiny lies in uniting with the Splitpaw clan! Soon after the unification of the Karan gnoll clans under the Darkpaw banner, Qeynos begins to experience a collaborative and unrelenting wave of gnoll attacks! Gnolls can be found burrowing up from newly dug tunnels behind the walls of Qeynos now, and powerful heroes of all skills and talents are being recruited to deal with this, at its source – the Darkpaw dungeons.”

Servers go offline at 10 a.m. EDT and are expected to return by 3 p.m. EDT.

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