French company famous for DOFUS and WAKFU.

Wakfu changes how mount harnesses work and brings Update 1.65 features to the test server

Customization shouldn't just end at your character; you've got to be allowed to dress up your mount too, if you can. The process of...

The MOP Up: The Division 2 takes everyone to the zoo

Everyone likes free stuff, right? And anyone with a soul loves the zoo, too! It is probably a smart marketing tactic, then, that The...

The Daily Grind: What’s the most creative class in all of the MMO genre?

I have long held that Wakfu offers the most original and indeed truly unique classes across the entire span of the MMO genre, but...

Wakfu and Dofus both dropped summer patches and trailers

Wakfu never gets enough love from MMO players, but maybe its latest update will pique your interest: It's called Pandalucia, and French developer Ankama...

Waven enters closed alpha and Wakfu buffs up dungeon Stasis levels

There's apparently a chronology to the games being kicked out by Ankama Group -- a tidbit I had no idea about until I started...

The MOP Up: MapleStory goes to the arcade

If you're playing MapleStory, chances are that you're not too prim and proper to enjoy some goofy fun. So pop in a quarter and...

The MOP Up: Space Engineers jury-rigs a release

Everyone knows that engineers are the unsung heroes of civilization, and space engineers doubly so! So join us in saluting Space Engineers, the survival...

The Stream Team: Happy seventh birthday, Wakfu!

Wakfu would be celebrating its seventh birthday tomorrow -- if there were a tomorrow! Well, a February 29th tomorrow that is. (No, the world...

The Stream Team: Wakfu’s Kwismas event

Christmas Day may be over, but Kwismas is still in full swing! Wafu's holiday event runs until 4:00 a.m. EST on January 8th, 2019,...

Ankama introduces massive content updates to Wakfu and Dofus

The folks at French studio Ankama Games have been hard at work, and they've recently released major updates for their flagship MMOs Wakfu and...

The MOP Up: TERA’s Valkyrie goes to console while Vainglory comes to PC

No matter what platform you're on, there's good stuff coming your way! TERA's Valkyrie update is finally making the jump to Xbox One and...
You gotta keep 'em separated.

Wakfu makes changes to boosters and trade with its next update

The next update for Wakfu is bringing in new nations, which will give players a lot of new things to do, but it's also giving...

The MOP Up: Neverwinter comes under siege

The Cult of the Dragon is throwing the city (and game) of Neverwinter under siege once more, and players are going to need to...
Boldly gone.

The MOP Up: Star Trek Online engages Battle at the Binary Stars

Continuing with its push deeper into the Age of Discovery arc, Star Trek Online has warped in the Battle at the Binary Stars task...

Ankama Games details Wakfu’s upcoming nation overhaul

Earlier this year, Ankama Games completely reworked Wakfu's tutorial area of Astrub for to improve the new player experience. Now the devs are setting...

The MOP Up: Mutant Year Zero breaks down the barriers

I think a lot of us unfamiliar with the IP might be giving Funcom's upcoming Mutant Year Zero a wary look and a wide...

The MOP Up: Blizzard’s new playgrounds

Ranked Season 4 started up in Heroes of the Storm this past week, and that's just the start of the fun with Blizzard's MOBA....

Ankama’s WAVEN brings Wakfu-style combat to mobile and PC

Last week, we looked at Ankama's year-end update video and what the studio has in store for its major titles, Wakfu and Dofus. What...

Dofus’s 2.48 update will implement Kolossium Leagues and overhaul pet system

Big additions are coming to Ankama's tactical-combat MMO Dofus in its upcoming 2.48 update, which will introduce Kolossium PvP Leagues and revamp the game's...

Ankama releases roadmap video detailing year-end plans for Wakfu, Dofus, and more

As we enter into the final months of the year, Ankama, the studio behind unique tactical-strategy MMOs Wakfu and Dofus (among others), is here...