The MOP Up: Final Fantasy XI gets a lot more trustworthy


Final Fantasy XI is working to build up trust — but probably not in the way that you think. This is actually part of an event that kicks off on February 1st.

“Trust is a new type of magic engineered by scholars at the Jeuno Institute of Magical Studies. Participants are able to draw upon the powers of friendship and trust to call forth alter egos of those with whom they have formed special bonds.”

And this is just the beginning of the rest of the news! Read on for a roundup of other smaller MMO news stories and videos from this past week in this edition of The MOP Up (and if you don’t see a news story that we should have covered, drop us a tip)!

Wakfu players have a new boss to fight — Rushu — who can’t actually be killed. But he can be taken down a peg or two!

World of Warcraft is allegedly blocking certain names and phrases that are embarrassing to the Chinese government, including “BoycottBeijing” and “Xinjiang Genocide.”

“It’s the end of Oryxmas and the Nexus is now celebrating the Lunar New Year. Apart from removing everything related to Oryxmas, we are taking the chance to make a few tweaks on Dungeon Modifiers and Item forge and fix some bugs,” said Realm of the Mad God.

Identity V triggered its Chinese New Year patch with “bringing with it new characters, new season’s essences, new activities, and the first Work of Vanity’s Costume.”

Halo Infinite players aren’t happy that some server outages cost them wasted XP boosters. Truly, the greatest tragedy in Western Civilization just occurred.

Infinite Lagrange pushed out a big patch with ruins exploration, stella storms, and data rescues.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is asking its players to submit their biggest “fails” on social media to win some in-game currency.

LifeAfter’s spring festival kicked off with free outfits, two-player minigames, and the Spring Festival Hunt.

Prosperous Universe is working really, really hard on… taxes?

Paladins’ fifth season brought in its 53rd character, VII, along with changes to the siege system, and changes to core anti-heal mechanics.

MU Online released its Season 16 Part 2 update with a zone called Gray Aida, which has apparently lost its colors due to “dark magic.”

Apex Legends’ Mad Maggie is about ready to join the game:

Elsword released a new path for Raven:

“Tough but fair roguelike” Vagante launched on January 27th:

Crossout Mobile is launching globally in early February:

The MMO industry pumps out more and more news every year – no site could possibly cover everything. That’s why we gather together all the extras every week in The MOP Up, our a weekly compilation of MMO info we don’t want lost in the cracks of time. Send us your news bits through our tips line!
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