Sci-fi shooter Project Genom begins alpha testing


Why can’t intergalactic colonization ever go smoothly? There always seems to be at least one continent-shattering war that has to happen before the first McSpaceDonalds is established. We guess that’s part of the tradition, which is why we’re sure that Project Genom will be a great instruction manual for when the human race ever does start populating the galaxy.

The sci-fi shooter began its closed alpha test today in anticipation for a June release on Steam. Project Genom takes place on the planet of Avalon where human colonists and a territorial alien race are struggling over land rights. The game just upgraded to the Unreal Engine 4 engine and features a flexible class creation system, an in-depth economy, “advanced” PvP, and pets.

You can watch an early gameplay video and teaser trailer of Project Genom after the break!

[Source: Facebook, Project Genom. Thanks to Khalith for the tip!]
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