Guild Wars 2 unveils the leafy goodness of the Revenant’s Ventari legend


After a few days of teases, another legend has been formally revealed for Guild Wars 2‘s upcoming Revenant profession, and it’s all about healing. Yes, these dark knights of the Mist have a Legend that’s devoted to being a beacon of health. It makes sense when you consider it’s a legend based around the venerated centaur Ventari, considered a spiritual ancestor by the Sylvari. Plus, you get to heal people by smacking other people in the face with a staff, so that’s satisfying.

The new melee utility-based nature of the staff is meant to go along with the Ventari legend, but the Legend itself centers around summoning and making use of Ventari’s Tablet. Players have to summon the tablet first when the Legend is assumed, at which point the tablet can be directed from point to point, healing allies it passes over and creating defensive barriers. Check out some screenshots of all this in action just below, and take a look at the full article for more details in getting some legendary healing into your Revenant.

Massively OP’s own Tina Lauro delivered her hands-on impressions of the intermittent Heart of Thorns beta yesterday.

Source: ArenaNet press release
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