Neverwinter announces new guild alliance system


Guild alliances are coming to Neverwinter’s Maze Engine campaign on June 7th, at least for PC players (Xbox players, you’ll be lagging behind as usual). The alliances are exactly as you’d expect: the banding together of multiple guilds.

Neverwinter’s Guild Alliances brings exciting new features to the game’s current Strongholds system. The update allows guilds of varying sizes to form alliances with one another to strengthen their strongholds and become even more powerful. Larger guilds can team up with smaller guilds to help them level up faster. In return, both parties will be able to earn more rewarding bonuses. Guild Alliances also introduces a new guild chat function and allows groups to visit each other’s strongholds to buy items.

PWE is further unleashing what it’s calling Sword Coast Chronicles as part of the guild alliances update.

Sword Coast Chronicles makes it easier for adventurers to battle their way through high-level content by organizing end-game campaigns. This new system helps adventurers to plan out their journey, see what challenges lay ahead and fulfill their epic destiny. Sword Coast Chronicles also unlocks brand new achievements, which adventurers can complete for new rewards.

Source: Press release
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