Guild Wars 2’s Rising Flames episode will finally fix revive orbs

If you play Guild Wars 2, I bet you have a huge stack of pink revive orbs in your bank just like my stack, slowly collecting dust because they’re too annoying to use. That’s about to change, however, as ArenaNet Monetization & Platform Strategist Sarah Witter has told players on the forums today.

“We’ve heard your feedback on the current design of Revive Orb and Revive Sickness: health comes back too low, it applies cripple to you, and its cumbersome to use,” she writes. Here’s how the orb is being revamped when the Rising Flames update drops next week:

– Revive Sickness has been updated to be more in line with other forms of revival. The orb will return you to 50% of your health pool instead of previous 1 health point. You no longer are crippled but are locked in combat state for 60 seconds and cannot use another orb while under Revive Sickness.
– When defeated, if you have an orb in inventory, you will receive a UI option to ‘Consume a Revive Orb’ alongside the usual ‘Return to Waypoint’ option.
– We’ve replaced the Ghostly Caretaker with an orb vortex that circles above your body and fills in for the 10 seconds it takes for the revival to complete.

Yes, the changes are retroactive, and no, the orbs still won’t work in WvW, PvP, or raids.

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